About Us

Collectively Shaping The Next Generation

Shout about the collective impact of employers’ engagement through EBP brokerage for improvement of future prospects for all young people in the UK

Share the vision and thought leadership of the network of EBPs nationally

Impress the value and intelligence of brokerage between employers and education sector by EBPs nationally

Build on the lasting networks and share ‘practice excellence’ for the greater benefit of young people, brokers and employers nationally

EBPn is a network of 80 experienced brokerage organisations nationwide; Education Business Partnership organisations who are specialist brokers building sustainable links with employers.  Shaping and delivering practical and insightful engagements with business professionals; professionally managed encounters to impress the current and future realities of industry in young people. 

Collectively working to shape the next generation for employment.

The impact of the independent, EBP brokerage in 2012-13* academic year amounts to over;

*Figures from 40/80 EBPs nationally, to date (25.1.14)