Employers & Volunteers

Volunteer to Inspire the next generation in your local school or college

Giving time to make a difference to the next generation is important investment for the next generation of recruits. Business professionals from any sector and professions get involved in volunteering through EBP brokerage to visit local schools or colleges. Supporting enterprising activities, careers insight, mentoring or simply to talk about jobs and the routes to a career. Volunteers you talk about what they know so well – themselves and their career and industry. Anyone whether a Chief Executive or an Apprentices - can volunteer.

Why get involved?

Why use a broker?

EBPs are well established across the country, experienced at working with schools, colleges, and other business professionals. They help to interpret needs of the schools in order to maximise the time and effort that a business puts into their volunteering. Every encounter will be well briefed and a full evaluation will follow.

Great shining examples that inspire can be found on the news feed.​

3 steps to get involved…

  • Influencing the next generation     
  • Recruit the right staff in future
  • Staff retention 
  • Staff development
  • Company awareness 
  • Community investment
  • Local EBP
  • Key contacts established
  • Clarification of objectives
  • Advice on engagement
  • Planning & delivery          
  • Evaluation & impact measured
  • Sustainable development        
  • Professional advice 
  • Briefing & timing framed
  • Preparation to fit demand
  • Checking for security feedback
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