Horizons – Shaping Aspirations and Future pathways

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Raising the Career aspirations of future school leavers and better partnering education with employers would seem to be the natural ethos for EBP’s across the country. What may differ is the method of implementation and ways that certain events engage and inspire numerous young minds. With that in mind, a signature event, has gradually evolved and developed a burgeoning reputation as a mainstay of the EBP Kent calendar. ‘Horizons’ doesn’t just bring a collection of employers and industry professionals to the schools; it makes them work. Over 70 employers visited or will visit a designated school to engage all year groups in: interactive workshops, information laden exhibitor stands, one-to-one interviews and enterprising challenges. This year also saw the introduction of a ‘Tables Turned’ afternoon, where the students had the opportunity to grill the employers during an interview on their current employment and their reasons for entering into such an industry.

What is perhaps most notable is the respect that the students treat the event with. They realise that this is something ‘other’ than a normal school day and that future employers are not just there to instruct, but also to adjudge the potential of the next generation of a locally/nationally skilled workforce. In turn this is a unique opportunity for industries to sell the potential for a healthy and profitable career as well as positively influencing the career advice currently disseminated into the classroom. From robotics to civil engineering, journalism to retail, no stone is left unturned as an eclectic mixture of industry is displayed and made approachable by the bespoke design of the day. As with so many events of this nature, ‘Horizons,’ continues to grow, adding more and more employers to its list of volunteers. The entire school involved with over 1000 young people, the event has become part of the school culture.  The impact cannot be overestimated, as this is the true meaning of a symbiotic relationship and one which positively impacts the future horizons of both the economy and student career pathways.

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