‘What’s My Line’

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Career inspiration for 220 Year 9 girls from Broughton High School for girls

The aim of this exercise is to present positive female role models to the Year 9 girls in this school highlighting careers they may not think of, helping them to prepare for the end of this academic year when they will be choosing their GCSE options.

Students met with 15 female business professionals - dressed in ‘civilian’ clothes - to ask a series of 'closed questions' to try and guess what each employer does for a living.

Then the ‘Big Reveal’. The employees, now dressed in uniform or carrying equipment associated with their profession revealed their professions. They explain exactly what they do on a day to day basis, whether this was the job they always wanted to do, what qualifications they needed.


Sectors involved

The 15 female ambassadors had very different job roles in different sectors; a senior tax manager, a fashion designer, a deputy editor, an architect, a bus driver, a fire fighter, a police officer, a quantity surveyor, a chief petty officer (Royal Navy), a sergeant (Army), a corporal (RAF), a safety officer from a power station, an accountant and an HR advisor etc.


Learning outcomes

By removing uniforms or identifiable clothing it broke down preconceptions and stereotypes and allowed the female students to relate their own abilities, attributes and achievements to help them consider more informed career choices for themselves.

The direct contact with the variety of professionals from different employment sectors allowed them to develop a better awareness of the extent and diversity of local and national employment opportunities.



Teacher Ms. Anne Roberts “The girls take an enormous amount from this event which really opens their eyes to a wide range of career opportunities. The employers are so inspiring and they make the girls aware that the only obstacle in their way of achieving success is their own lack of self belief”


Debbie Kenrick – Enterprise Manager Liverpool Compact –  “The girls really enjoy finding out if they have guessed the right jobs and are always amazed at what each job entails – I always stress that there is nothing wrong with becoming a hairdresser, aim to own your own salon. There is nothing wrong with working for an airline, aim to be a pilot”.


Claire Crilly – Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service – All pupils were extremely enthusiastic. I believe that once the ‘Big Reveal’ took place it had a profound impact on them all. The ‘speed dating’ style of the morning kept everything upbeat and lively and I truly think all the girls will remember the day in a positive light”


Marie Hamilton – Government & Public Sector PWC – “I really enjoyed the event, brilliantly organised. I hope it gave the girls some food for thought. I was even inspired to think a bit more about my own career and direction, quite motivated by some of the other ladies! I would be more than happy to take part in this again”


Susan Swift – Capita Symonds – “I found the event to be really worthwhile for the students at Broughton Hall. I never had anything like this when I was at school and I think the girls will take a lot away from the event. I would love to participate in the future.”


For more information contact Liverpool Compact EBP

Debbie Kenrick Enterprise Manager debbie@liverpoolcompact.org.uk

0151 298 9454


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